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Choghadiya, Chaughadiyas Choghadiya (चौघड़िया)
Know favourable time to commence good work
All important works should be commenced during a favourable Choghadiya.

सभी महत्वपूर्ण काम अनुकूल चौघाडिया के दौरान शुरू किया जाना चाहिए ।

બધા મહત્વપૂર્ણ કામ અનુકૂળ ચોઘડિયા દરમ્યાન શરૂ કરવી જોઈયે.

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Todays Date : Friday, 22 March 2019
Choghadiya starts from Sunrise time : 06:42 am
This Choghadiya is for the place : Mumbai, Maharashtra

Choghadiya for Friday, 22 March 2019

Day Choghadiyas (दिन की चौघड़िया)
Start Time End Time Choghadiya Details
06:42 am 08:13 am Chal (चल) Average (सामान्य)
08:13 am 09:44 am Labh (लाभ) Auspicious (शुभ)
09:44 am 11:15 am Amrut (अमृत) Auspicious (शुभ)
11:15 am 12:47 pm Kal (काल) Inauspicious (अशुभ)
12:47 pm 14:18 pm Shubh (शुभ) Auspicious (शुभ)
14:18 pm 15:49 pm Rog (रोग) Inauspicious (अशुभ)
15:49 pm 17:20 pm Udveg (उद्वेग) Inauspicious (अशुभ)
17:20 pm 18:51 pm Chal (चल) Average (सामान्य)
Night Choghadiyas (रात्रि की चौघड़िया)
Start Time End Time Choghadiya Details
18:51 pm 20:20 pm Rog (रोग) Inauspicious (अशुभ)
20:20 pm 21:49 pm Kal (काल) Inauspicious (अशुभ)
21:49 pm 23:18 pm Labh (लाभ) Auspicious (शुभ)
23:18 pm 00:45 am Udveg (उद्वेग) Inauspicious (अशुभ)
00:45 am 02:14 am Shubh (शुभ) Auspicious (शुभ)
02:14 am 03:43 am Amrut (अमृत) Auspicious (शुभ)
03:43 am 05:12 am Chal (चल) Average (सामान्य)
05:12 am 06:41 am Rog (रोग) Inauspicious (अशुभ)

Amrut, Shubh and Labh are favorable Choghadiyas.
Chal is an intermediate Choghadiya.
Udveg, Rog and Kal are unfavorable Choghadiyas.

There are seven types of Choghadiyas. Each day is divided into two time periods :-
Day time - The period from sunrise to sunset
Night time - The period from sunset to sunrise.

The sequence of Day-time and Night-time Chaughadiyas varies for each day. It means, the sequence for Monday is different to that for Tuesday, which in turn is different to that for Wednesday, etc. But, the sequence for each Monday is the same, as it is for each Tuesday, etc.

To determine a good time to commence important works, check the time period between which such work can be initiated and select a favorable Choghadiya within that specified time period.

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