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Janampatrika, Janamkundli, Janmakundli, Vedic Astrology, Jyotish, Kundali
Welcome to Janampatrika.com
जनमपत्रिका डॉट कॉम में आपका स्वागत हैं |
Janampatrika, Janamkundli, Janmakundli, Vedic Astrology, Jyotish, Kundali
Editor words of Janampatrika.com

This site aims in spreading the Astrology services to all the people. Hence, all the prices of My Kundali reports are low.
You can say that it is a non-profit website, so that many of them can be benefited through our online Vedic Astrology services and online horoscopes.

We provide accurate report, with a detailed minute calculation as in Vedic Astrology in seven languages from English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali.

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kundali Janampatrika - Brief Astro Report
kundali JanamKundali (Full) - Detail Astro Report
kundali Matchmaking - Guna Milap Report
kundali Predictions for Life - Varshaphal Report
kundali Kundali Analysis - Personalized Astrology Report
kundali Matchmaking Analysis - Personalized Astrology Report
kundali Ask a Question - Astrologers Consultation
kundali Gemstones Consultancy - Astrologers Consultation
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kundali Free Birth Chart - Generate your Birth chart online instantly
kundali Free Numerology Chart - Generate your Number chart
kundali Know Your Sunsign - Free Sunsign instantly
kundali Know your Chinese Sign - Free Chinese Sign instantly
kundali Birth Signs / Rashi - See the qualities of Rashi / Signs
kundali Numerology Numbers - Know what number means
panchang Panchang - Know Today's Panchang and Tithi
kundali Choghadiya - Know the favourable time for good work
kundali Gemstones - Know your Gemstones as per birth sign
kundali Rudrakshas - Know the Power of types of Rudrakshas
kundali Colours and you - Know personality through colours
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